New Software from Progressive Care Inc. Offers a Major Improvement in Communication and Convenience when Ordering Medications

August 5, 2018

Two months ago, when Progressive Care Inc.(OTCQB: RXMD), a personalized healthcare services and technology company, announced that the company has started the development of its own proprietary tele-pharmacy software to digitally communicate with patients, physicians, pharmacists and caretakers across the world, the news was met with little fervor. Now, as the rollout of this software that allows a video conference in real time with a pharmacy tech is close at hand, the implications and uses for the software warrant a closer look. The rollout will come in two stages with Progressive Care delivering a state-of-the-art multi-platform technology capable utilizing their innovative kiosks first and then allowing users at home or on the go to use the software.With Progressive Care’s effort to expand its current kiosk program throughout the state of Florida and into healthcare facilities, retirement communities, workplaces and beyond, the software will save users time and money. That is not where the savings end though. Imagine when employees can visit a kiosk at there place of employment to speak with a pharmacy tech, order their prescription, and have it delivered to their job before their shift is over. In this example the employer also saves. The employee does not have to leave to accomplish any of these time-consuming tasks or drive to pharmacy. Imagine an assisted living complex where tenants no longer need a ride to and from the pharmacy to speak with a pharmacist and fill their prescriptions. The patients and staff can communicate directly via the kiosk without leaving the facility. A convenient kiosk can be placed in the lobby, saving time and money for the tenant, the facility and the pharmacy. This is a streamlined approach that not only saves time and money, but it is safer a alternative as well, reducing trips to the physician or pharmacy. Bottom line, quality of life and free time both improve through increased ease of ordering prescriptions with this proprietary software created by Progressive Care.“Our success with prescription management has allowed us to begin developing our own proprietary tele-pharmacy software. After configuring a third-party platform in our kiosks, we realized the need to develop a more customized solution for our customers,” said S. Parikh Mars, CEO of Progressive Care Inc. “We believe that with the completion of this new software, along with Progressive Care’s current contingent of pharma-robotic equipment, we will be that much closer to becoming the leader in personalized healthcare services and technology.”Progressive Care Inc. has seen success because they don’t simply react to the shifting expectations in healthcare – they actively strategize ways to anticipate and exceed consumer expectations. Now, look the second stage of the rollout where now patients at home and on the go can video conference with their pharmacist, provide an image of their insurance card and prescription and have their medications waiting for them when they get home. All of this being accomplished via their smart phone or tablet. What about the single parent at home with a sick child? They can now use their desktop computer to video conference with the with a tech who can communicate with the doctor’s office confirm the meds needed and have them delivered to family at home. Soon Progressive Care Inc. will provide its customers with a digital window allowing them to conveniently fill their prescriptions in the most convenient way to date.There are still a lot of ways that healthcare needs to change to become truly effective for the everyday citizen, but RXMD is making some truly amazing strides when it comes to challenging the status quo and offering more to their growing base of customers. “We are committed to making medication management as easy as possible for both providers and patients,” said S. Parikh Mars.To that end the Company is also giving their own website a facelift that accurately depict where the Company is today. So much has changed for RXMD in the past few months and now interested parties will be able to learn more about programs like DischargeRX and the new program designed to educate patients and providers on treatment alternatives to opioids available through the company. More content will be available about the TCGRx Automated Pouch Packaging System and other technologies employed by the company.Investor Relations Contact:Armen Karapetyan, Progressive CareSenior Advisor Business

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