Progressive Care, Inc CEO Recognized by Forbes as a Unique Leader

April 29, 2019

MIAMI – April 29, 2019– Progressive Care Inc. (OTCQB: RXMD), a personalized healthcare services and technology company, today announced that it has garnered media coverage in Forbes in an article titled, A Unique Path Towards Leadership Creates a Unique Leader.

“My unique and non-traditional background helped shape who I am as a leader today,” said S. Parikh Mars, CEO of Progressive Care Inc. “My story begins with working three jobs, barely making ends meet. It was through my dedication and determination that I was able to reach the executive position in which I hold today with Progressive Care. I am honored to share my story with Forbes and hope that it inspires female entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and know that anything is possible with determination and hardwork.”

In the article titled A Unique Path Towards Leadership Creates a Unique Leader, published April 25, 2019 in Forbes, Mars speaks on her path to CEO of Progressive Care, her perspective on skill development and cultivation, and why without her finance team, she be “flying blind.” Shital explains, “A lot of my strength and confidence have come from learning the business from the ground up. Because I know the ins and out of the operation and I know what it’s like to do the jobs my employees are doing, I think they relate to me better and respect me more. It also helps me make practical and actionable decisions.”

Mars speaks on how her background has influenced her approach in recruitment and skill development at Progressive Care. “The skills I most look for from my finance team are an ability to understand fine details, do critical thinking and problem-solving, and resourcefulness. Of course, a strong understanding of account and math is a must, but at the end of the day, I need a group of people who not only can give me a number but can also tell me what that number means and why that number matters. I look for candidates who ask questions, who show curiosity, not just about the nuts and bolts of the job, but about the company and how it works.”

In the article, Mars explains her advocation for women in leadership positions and how she champions other women within her team at Progressive Care. “One of the things I have tried to do in my company is value productivity, not in the number of hours worked, but in the effectiveness of those hours worked. Women, especially those with families and children, often cannot stay late at work to get face time with the boss. It can be difficult to prove your dedication and competence when you have to do it after hours. I don’t want to be someone that expects others to make certain sacrifices just because I had to, so I don’t judge my employees for leaving work to be with their families. Those things don’t make me think they don’t love their job or don’t care about the company.”

Mars further explains in the article her relationship with the Progressive Care CFO, Alan Weisberg, and the value of closely aligning business strategy in finance in addition to what is next for Progressive Care.

The recent media coverage comes after the company’s efforts to provide its network with more healthcare informational resources through PharmCo Pharmacy. Additional commentary from Progressive Care’s CEO about the company and industry as a whole can be found on the Progressive Care blog and PharmCo blog.

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