Frequently Asked Questions
When was Progressive Care’s IPO? ⮟

Progressive Care did not do an IPO. Pharmco Rx did a reverse capitalization in 2010 to enter the public markets.

Where are Progressive Care’s shares traded and under what symbol? ⮟

Progressive Care’s shares are traded in OTCQB under the symbol RXMD.

Does Progressive Care have a direct stock purchase plan? How do I purchase shares? ⮟

We do not have a direct stock purchase plan. Stocks can be purchased on the open market, however if an investor has an interest on a direct investment please contact

Who is Progressive Care’s transfer agent? ⮟
Where can I get a copy of your Annual Report? ⮟

The annual report is available at or on OTC markets

When does Progressive Care release its financial results? ⮟

Progressive Care issues its financial results quarterly 45 days after quarter ends and annually 90 days after fiscal year.

Who is Progressive Care’s independent auditor? ⮟
When is Progressive Care’s fiscal year end? ⮟

December 31st.

What is Progressive Care’s dividend policy? ⮟

We do no issue dividends at this time

Who can I contact with questions? ⮟

Please contact

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